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OUR BEER SELECTION CHANGES REGULARLY. This makes it difficult to constantly make changes on the web. we therefore recomend you to call the shop for the beer you desire that may or may not be listed here.

Current top recommendations

Brewdog Bashah (Scotland) - This special BrewDog & Stone Brewery(USA) collaboration is a double black Belgian IPA.

Cantillon Iris – Cold hopping technique (hops further macerated in the beer) after two years in barrel gives it the characteristics of bitter. Iris is brewed only once every season and bears a date.

Cave Creek Chili Beer (US) – This crisp lager with a real chili pepper in each bottle packs quite a kick.

Cotswold Premium (UK) – Perennially popular, it is crisp and dry with a surprise bitter taste.

Cotswold Wheat – This German inspired weissbier is unfiltered and makes a refreshing sip in the garden.

Flying Dog Raging Bitch (USA) - An IPA enhanced with Belgian yeast, it hits your taste buds with a delicate hop bitterness. A whopping 8.3% ABV.

Harviestoun Ola Dubh Special Reserve 12 (Scotland) - Know as 'Black Oil', it is matured in casks from Orkney's Highland Park distillery to add complementary whisky notes. Chocolatey, lingering and bittersweet.

Heather Ales Fraoch - Light floral hint on the nose and a slightly bitter long aftertaste. A heather honey finish.

High & Mighty Beer of the Gods (USA) - Conceived in Massachusetts from a German recipe. Lovingly overhopped in the American way.

Kelpie (Scotland) - Dark, rich ale, with a hint of seaside saltiness in the finish.

Marble Manchester Bitter (UK) – Fans say its malty fruitiness echoes a Boddingtons style from long ago.

Marble Organic Ginger 6 – This biscuity pale malt has the aroma and spicy finish of root ginger

Ridgeway IPA (UK) - Whole leaf hops and pale malts produce a potent and distinctive IPA. Bottle conditioned.

St Austell Admiral's Ale (UK) - Brewed in Cornwall to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Nelson's victory at Trafalgar. Blends Cornish Gold malt with Styrian Golding and Cascade hops for a rich flavour and spicy aroma.

Thornbridge Halcyon IPA (UK) - Best Harvest Ale in the World Beer Awards 2009. This green hopped style uses plump, resinous hop cones. Intense aromas of orange peel, pine sap and a hint of smokiness.

Thornbridge St. Petersburg Imperial Russian Stout (UK) - Subtle peatiness and chocolate malt flavours.

Tusker (Kenya) - Plenty of punchy hops and a lingering finish. Said to be named in honour of the brewery's founder who was killed by an elephant whilst hunting.

West Berkshire Brewery Dr Hexters range

Dr Hexters Healer - Gold medal in the Premium category at Great British Beer Festival 2009 and Bronze in the entire show.

Good Old Boy - Champion Best Bitter in Champion Beer of Britain London. South East Beer of the Year 2009.

Mr Chubb's Lunchtime Bitter – Yet another impeccable Gold medal winner.

Press contacts: Shrila Amin owner of DR.iNK of Fulham 0207 610 6795 or 07961 318930

Enjoyable, sociable, informative. Interesting combinations. Some beers I might not have liked them but with food they transform....interesting! We look forward to doing this again...
Great food, great selection of beers with lots of learning thrown in. I just hope I remember them in the morning...
This is a part of 'WINNING' movement! A relaxing and interesting night. Food exceptional! Beers interesting and fascinating! Good fun!...
Incredibly high quality food and beer, coupled with lots of vast knowledge made for a unique and enjoyable it...
I am not a beer drinker (except fruit beers) so this was an eye opening experience in the world I don't usually participate in. Combined with amazing and really unusual Indian food. It was great night and a great way to learn and appreciate beers...
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